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Coffee in Arabi? I think so!


With lots of coffee houses to go to throughout the metro area, Here is one you should highlight!

When you walk into The Coffee House in Arabi, you immediately feel welcomed, almost like family. My fiance and I experienced this the very first time we walked in more than a year ago. The entire staff is incredibly friendly, but not in an overbearing way. They have a way of making even waiting in line more enjoyable. The atmosphere is warm and delightful. My fiance and I are coffee lovers but also love frappucinnos from time to time. My favorite is kind of a one of a kind custom drink but it is a chocolate covered espresso bean frappe with mocha. She likes hers with white chocolate instead of the mocha.

The patrons here are all familiar with each other and its really like being in a small town shop. I can honestly say and mean this: My experience here is so great, that even if they make my drink wrong, which in over a year has only happened twice, I wont say anything about it because they take such great care of us. One time when I was there, the manager noticed that my drink wasn't done 100% correct, and came out from behind the counter to give me a correct drink, plus a free drink card.

This level of customer service should be adopted by every business, but I'm kind of glad that it sets The Coffee House apart from the crowd! If you are passing through Arabi, or are just looking for an amazing cup of coffee from people that are friendly and care, make it a point to visit! Tell them you heard about it from us! Trust me, I drive 20 miles there and 20 miles back twice a week for it!

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