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Well, That's enough about us, Lets hear about YOU!  That's right, while we will introduce you to our team, our motto is about YOU! Whether you are just getting started and purchasing your very first home, growing your family and need a bigger home, curious about investing in your first rental property, or you are looking to add to your portfolio or liquidate, looking to downsize as an empty-nester, or looking for a vacation home somewhere near the coast, WE ARE ABOUT YOU! With our team of REALTORS, lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, plumbing inspectors, and insurance agents, we've become your one stop shop for All Things REAL Estate. We will ensure that every transaction is a smooth one, even the tough ones. One of the biggest components to our service is communication. Our REALTORS are in constant communication with our clients along with everyone involved in every transaction. As stated on the home page, we are aiming to change the perception of the real estate industry as a whole by embodying the core values of: Trust, Honor, Integrity, and Dignity. 


Loay Monem is a licensed Realtor that isn't afraid to go the extra mile for his clients. He has experience in business management, and is proficient with todays technologies! One of Loay's specialties is relocations. Relocations can be scary if you're not working with a high caliber agent. If you are looking to relocate, and need to either sell your home here, or are looking for a home in the area, Loay will be more than happy to put his expertise to work for you!


Loay's hobbies include playing tennis and billiards!

He can be reached at




Eric Riviere is the owner, founder, and licensed broker of Gulf South Pinnacle Group.  Eric began planning and laying down the framework of the company over a year before opening the doors. Eric was a licensed REALTOR for four years prior to becoming a broker and underwent rigorous training from his mentor, previous broker, friend, and in his own words "The smartest man in real estate." Eric's hobbies include automotive enthusiasm and fishing. Eric prides himself on being 100% accessible to not only his clients, but his agents and referral partners. Eric can be reached via phone at 504.638.6742 and by email at Feel free to contact Eric regarding any real estate questions or needs at anytime.

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