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Feeling a little Greek tonight!

After trying multiple Greek restaurants in the New Orleans and Metairie area, I have decided to make a quick post about my FAVORITE! Hummus and More on Severn in Metairie takes the cake! With their large menu and lots of options, its no surprise that its easy to find something for even the pickiest of eaters (that would be me!) But more than just a great menu, and fantastically fresh food, the staff is INCREDIBLY friendly! Upon walking in on our "date night," a young man named Sam greeted us promptly and escorted us to a table. When we walked in, I asked Sam "Are we too late?" as it was about 8:15 pm and they close at 9:00 pm on this particular night. He said "No sir, please come in and take your time."

I ordered the house salad with gyro (yes, I'm still trying to eat a little healthier along with staying consistent with going to the gym [will also write about my gym and how great it is.. stay tuned]) and Shirley ordered a kids plate of rice and gyro. Let me tell you, this salad was so fresh, it was if they went out back and picked all of the components by hand! The gyro was perfectly seasoned and cooked to a perfect crispiness! Shirley's rice/gyro combo was equally as fresh and perfectly seasoned. She even said to my delight "thanks for taking me here, They were really nice."

In closing, Make sure to take a trip to the heart of Metairie and grab lunch or dinner and Hummus and More on Severn! Ask for Sam, tell him we sent you. You will not be disappointed! The setting is perfect for date night, or a business lunch meeting!

Shirley and I at Hummus and More enjoying a nice quiet dinner

This picture was taken from the Hummus and More website. This dish looks fantastic!

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