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Unlocking new smiles, one key at a time!



Gulf South Pinnacle Group (GSPG for short)'s number one goal is to make sure that your real estate experience is one that minimizes headaches, and MAXIMIZES satisfaction. One of the ways we do this, is by having higher than standard expectations. We do not hire good real estate agents, we hire GREAT PEOPLE! By hiring great people, we know that you, the consumer, will always be treated much better than if you were to work with someone who is in it just for a quick dollar. We will not hire “Sign here _______” agents, as that is not how to build trust between agents and clients. Our phone is always on and waiting to hear from you! We want to listen to all of your experiences in real estate transactions; good, bad, or ugly. By learning about your experiences, it allows us to tailor this business to your needs! We are also using this business as a platform to help change the public's view of real estate professionals as being “tire kicking sales people.” We are far more than tire kickers, and  We want people to feel as if they’ve done business with a friend, because that’s what the relationship should feel like and become! So, will YOU be our Friend?


Free Market Analysis

When you decide to sell your home, one of the hardest questions used to be, "Where do I begin?" followed by "I wonder how much I should ask."  Selling a home by owner (For Sale By Owner) is a very daunting task for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons it is hard to sell a home alone is marketing and advertising. A home for sale by owner is generally going to only be seen by those who happen to drive by and see the sign, and people close to the seller. Another reason it is tough to sell a home without representation, is safety. Do you really know who you are letting in your house? Do you know if they are qualified to buy?  When your property is listed, your home is being exposed on hundreds of websites, social platforms, and the MLS! REALTORS will ensure that the person(s) touring your home in person is in fact qualified to purchase. We commit to market your home to as many ready and able buyers as possible.  One of our biggest commitments is communication! Communication is the key in ANY business, and holds especially true in real estate. We promise to stay in constant contact with you, the seller, at all times!

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Whether it's time for you to buy your very own house for the first time, (First time home buyer) Or you've been through the process before and are looking to simply make a move, or buy a weekend or vacation home, look no farther! We will assist you through the entire process! With our team of lenders, title attorney, home inspector, and plumber, every step of the process is only one call away. Our group offers one on one consultation for you as a buyer! Our commitment is to make sure that your home buying experience is one that you'll never forget! We strive to leave no question unanswered! We also will not just sell you a house and forget about you, because once you have worked with us, you will have made new friends! If you are ready to start house hunting, just click the contact button and fill out the form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to explain the first steps!

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